Sunday, March 8, 2009

Memories of Childhood

This picture is of the Sinnissippi Park Hopewellan Indian Mounds. We spent many hours of our childhood at the park. It was during that time that the state did the historical digs to determine that the mounds were historic. Good memories in our lives come from this park. There is a story in Kaleidoscope Memories titled, "Suppers At Sinnissippi" that I hope you'll enjoy.

When you think of your childhood I hope you have good memories of a special day or time when all seemed right with your world. We wrote the book to share with our children, however, we felt there was something special that everyone shares and decided to make our stories available to you. Our hopes are that you'll be able to share your memories with either your family or the world. We all have stories to tell and share.

Please leave a comment if you've enjoyed this site and/or remembered a special time in your life that you feel like sharing.