Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines Day Box

Each year our class would celebrate Valentine's Day at school. It was a big time and took a lot of thought to which Valentine would go to whom. You had to make sure you included everyone in your class, including the teacher. Then you didn't want to send the wrong Valentine to the wrong boy. Heaven forbid.
I think, however, that the best time was preparing our crepe paper boxes so it would be ready for the day. We were allowed to drop our Valentines into the various boxes just before we had some treats from the teacher. It was fun to open our box and see how many Valentines we got from our classmates and which one came from whom. Sometimes you'd get lucky and find a lollipop valentine in your box. It was always great fun and we were happy to take our filled box home to show our siblings and parents.
Fun times.