Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Review of Kaleidoscope Memories!

"As I read Kaleidoscope Memories: Childhood Stories That Celebrate Family Life, I couldn't help but think that these authors were surely paying it backwards by collecting and sharing their childhood stories. So many people take life a day at a time never allowing the sweet memories of yesterday to come forward, linger a bit, and fill them up. Not so in this reading journey.

Author Cindy Oldham and her sibling co-authors, transport the reader to simpler times where innocents and child-like wonderment abound. Through many stories of school, pets, childhood fears, and other golden mements, the reader will be coaxed gently into relaxing and remembering their own youthfulness.

As I read the chapter, 'The Path To Lego Town', the simple analogy that life can be exciting as we make it and that the possibilities are limitless, was not wasted on this reader. Sometimes it takes seeing it, and living it through a child's eyes to bring this truth home again.

School days, drive-in movies, traditional home-cooked meals we all learned to hate (i.e. liver and onions) and stories like, 'Napping With Mama', will bring a sigh and a smile to any reader's face; and maybe even tug at the heartstrings for buried memories of their own. It was a nice journey; and pleasing. Truly it was about two of the most important things in the world - family...and love."
Reviewed by: Georgia Richardson, author, humorist

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Publisher

If you'd like to know more about our publisher - Tide Dancer Publications - click on the Facebook icon to the left and check out their FB page.
Then you can take some time and visit their website at Read about their authors on the Authors page and read about the books Tide Dancer Publications has for your enjoyment. They are a new innovative company that provides 'personalized publishing for today's author.'
They work one-on-one with each new person helping them accomplish their goals and dreams for their writing careers. If you are interested in or need help writing or working on your manuscript, we have a writers group that is by invitation only, so leave an email requesting information and we'll get back to you to add you to the group.