Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Parents - George & Edith

This is one of many pictures we have of our parents from the 1950's. I think it shows the times very well. Our Dad was an interior/exterior painter all his life. He eventually started his own business and was successful at it for many years. He later turned the business over to one of our brothers and went to work painting for one of the hospitals in the area. That's where he was until he retired.
Our Mom was a stay-at-home mother for many years. I guess during our early years. She didn't go to work anywhere outside the home until my twin sister and I were in our second year of high school. She went to work at a local factory and worked until she retired sometime in her mid to late sixties.
They are the reason we wanted to write and share our childhood memories with everyone. We had good times growing up and shared our lives with their siblings and families. Our Dad came from a family of eight children and our Mom came from a family with nine children. So there were lots and lots of cousins for us to play with. We recently counted that we had 52 first cousins at one time. So we always had someone to play with if our siblings were busy. Family was very important to our parents. We spent time together learning as a family and that gave us the blueprint we took and developed our families from.

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